An instant with the Perija Brushfinch

Perija Brushfinch Arremon perijanus
Arremon perijanus, en la vereda de San Antonio. Foto: Juan José Arango.

Perija Brushfinch is an endemic species from Serrania del Perija, a mountain chain shared for Colombia and Venezuela in the northern andes and near the Caribbean coast. The bird is distributed among 4000 to 7200 ft above sea level, where the «chusque» grows, a small species of andean bamboo and its main source of food.

Perija Brushfinch is an elusive and hard to see bird. It stays near the ground, among scrubs of subtropical and cloud forests. The bird is easy to differentiate of other similar species belonging to Arremon genus. It has a green back, black mask and beak, a light black band on the chest, and a white throat. Its head is crossed by black and white bars. The bird tends to sing in duets and in groups up to eight individuals.

espiga de chusque o bambu
The «chusque» a small species of bamboo.

The great photo that ilustrates this post was taken in Vereda San Antonio during a birding trip i had the honor to guide, for Dr. Juan José Arango, a cardiologist from Cali (Colombia), and a well founded photographer, who use to travel throughout Colombia looking for the harder birds. At the same time I’ve recorded the song that you can play below.

Perija Brusfinch’s song. Recorded by: Jose Luis Ropero.

If you’d like to meet this bird, or to come in northern Colombia to watch birds, contact me at, i’ll be pleased to guide for you.


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Por Jose Luis Ropero

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