An instant with the Yellow-bellied Elaenia

Pajaro sobre la rama de un arbol al amanecer
La elaenia copetona, en la vereda Tierra Grata, durante los censos navideños de Audubon.
Calls of Yellow-bellied Elaenia. Macaulay Library, Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

While i walked along the paths of Vereda Tierra Grata, throught the dry forest and mountains of Manaure Cesar (Colombia), a Yellow-bellied Elaenia, or how this medium-sized flycatcher is locally called «clarodía«, gracefully poused for a photo as the sun rose.

The bird was vocalizing insistently It was perched on a bush species belonging to Erythroxylum genus, closely related to the coca plant, on whose fruit it feeds. That bush is four meters high, It has thin and grayish branches, and oval leaves.

Yellow-bellied Elaenia inhabits all the tropical Americas, from southern Mexico to northern Argentina, in different habitats like scrub, savannah, forest edges and gardens.

Its plumage is dark green in upper parts, but the wings are darker with two white bars. The bird has a light eye ring, white throat, yellow belly and a pointed crest, which often opens while the bird sings. The Yellow-bellied Elaenia feeds on fruits and insects.

Christmas Bird Count Colombia circles
Christmas Bird Count circles in Valledupar and Perijá mountains.

We saw this bird during the 121th Christmas Bird Count of Audubon Society in the Perijá Mountains, if you’d like to volunteer in our local community and activities, or go birding in Colombia, please contact us at turismo@roperoaventuras


You can support our ecologist initiative PROYECTO ECOJUGANDO, follow this link: DONATIONS. Thanks a lot.

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Por Jose Luis Ropero

Guía de aviturismo residente en Valledupar, Colombia. Autor del blog y fundador de la comunidad ecologista Proyecto Ecojugando.

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